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ISAE 3402 will soon replace SAS 70, but has it reached the ISO/IEC 27001 Class yet? 

We recently reviewed the new and improved service manager audit standard slated to supersede SAS 70 known as ISAE 3402. These audit standards are really beginning to look more and more like ISO, but it is not yet at the same level as ISO.

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In today’s highly competitive market every company is looking for a way to control costs while providing a high quality, secure product. TechSecure has been helping its clients achieve those strategic and tactical objectives improving their client’s resilience through the adoption of ISO/IEC 27001 - Information Security Management System, ISO/IEC 20000 - IT Service Management, ISO/IEC 31000 Risk Management, and ISO/IEC 9001 Quality Management. These standards are based on an iterative process of the plan - do - check - act which identifies nonconformities and deficiencies this shed light on new opportunities for improvement. Our process identifies risks to sensitive information and critical service delivery technology and people so that management has the necessary information to make decisions that maximize the company's investment while reducing operational risk.

TechSecure helps its clients by establishing an industry accepted baseline and through iterative cycles begins to continuously improve that baseline shaping the program to fit with business culture guided by process maturity to top management, clients and shareholders. The TechSecure process can be independently audited to validate its conformity with these standards further providing assurance of the program’s effectiveness and efficiency and become registered and certified by the International Standards Organization. In addition, these standard processes are also mapped to legal obligations laid down by statutory, regulatory and contractual obligations with customers and partners to provide an additional layer of transparency reducing the likelihood of unplanned expenses due to non-compliance.